For all instruments except piano, the student must have their own instrument (either rented or purchased) to begin lessons.  We sell many different types of instruments, so let us know what you need.  Piano students are not required to have an instrument to begin.  However, speed of progress is highly dependent on how much practicing happens at home – so we will be recommending that you purchase one soon.  We usually have several keyboards in stock, so you can choose the one that is best for your needs.


There are three options for paying tuition:
1.) Monthly – only with AutoPay through our student management website, MyMusicStaff.  You can link either your credit card or your bank account, and tuition will automatically be billed/withdrawn on the 1st of each month.  (A good way to make sure you never have to pay late fees.)  This is a great option for families whose budgets would appreciate paying smaller amounts more frequently, or for families who use a credit card to earn air miles or other rewards!  Monthly tuition is slightly higher to cover the fees that come with offering AutoPay.
2.) 4-month sessions.  With this option, tuition is due January 1st, May 1st, and September 1st.  This option comes with an 11% discount.
3.) 12 months up front.  Tuition is due January 1st, and you pay for the entire year (Jan – Dec).  This option comes with an 18% discount.
There are no refunds for any reason once you have paid for a session – whether that is one, four, or twelve months.
All tuition plans include 4 free lessons each year to account for lessons missed to due illness or vacation.  The teacher may also cancel 1 lesson each year without making it up.

Late fees are as follows:

$10 if tuition is one day late.  An additional $5 for each additional day late.  Example: if tuition is due the 1st and you do not pay until the 7th, you must pay $35 in late fees.

If tuition (plus all accumulated late fees) is not paid by the 10th of the month it is due, your lesson slot will be released to someone on the waiting list.

NO lessons will be given if tuition is not paid before the lesson begins (including any late fees due).  If a student arrives to a lesson that has not yet been paid for (and they have not brought cash/check for the proper amount), they will be sent back out to the car.

Tuition does not guarantee you a certain number of lessons; rather, it reserves your exact time slot for the length of your pre-paid session (1, 4, or 12 months) so that no one else can book it. It also covers lesson prep. If you have a group slot, others can book it, but you are guaranteeing there will be room for your child in that class, and that any others who join will be at a compatible age and level.  Tuition is non-refundable, and no make-ups will be given if the student misses a lesson for any reason.  If the teacher must cancel a lesson, a reasonable attempt will be made to make it up.

Invoices (for 4- and 12-month sessions only) are sent via PayPal to your email address.  Payments may be made via PayPal, cash, or check.  There is a $25 fee for bounced checks.

Our enrollment tends to stay full for private lessons, and we have limited group openings.  If you choose to take a break from lessons, when you wish to return you will be added to the bottom of the waiting list.  Alternatively, you may continue to pay tuition to reserve your child’s spot for when you resume lessons.

Friday Time Slots are Group Lessons:

All Friday time slots are designated as “group lessons.”  If no one else has signed up for that time, your child may be alone at first, until someone of a compatible age and ability joins them.

Why are sports more popular than music?  A big reason is the social aspect.  Kids like learning and participating in activities with their peers.
One student in particular has completely changed since another girl started taking lessons with her.  She didn’t used to practice at all – didn’t even bring her books home between lessons.  Now she practices 20-100 songs per DAY, seven days a week – and earns 100 points per week from all that practicing!  The two girls love taking lessons together, and are even working on a duet for the next recital!
There are pros and cons to both private and group lessons.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in getting on the waiting list for private lessons, or if you would like to find out if there is a group your child would fit into.



The books that we use in lessons, and that your child will need in order to practice at home, are paid for separately from tuition.  We keep books in stock for most instruments and levels.  Contact us for an estimate of what the cost will be for your child.

Changing Your Lesson Time:

Any changes in lesson times are dependent on availability and must be done between your pre-paid sessions.

Additional Lessons:

If you want to schedule additional lessons (that are outside of your regular time slot covered by tuition), you may do so if we have any availability.  These additional lessons are $35 each for 30 minutes and $70 for an hour, and must be scheduled and paid for at least 24 hours but no more than 7 days in advance.


The only holidays that we take off are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  A reasonable attempt will be made to make up lessons that fall on these days.


We offer a minimum of one performance opportunity each year.  Students must have reached a certain point in their lesson book to be eligible to perform.  Feel free to contact us to find out whether your child is eligible or what they would need to do in order to become eligible.  We highly recommend making these performance opportunities a priority for your child.  There are many benefits to participating in these events, and the students (even the ones who are nervous) always love them!


Please let us know if your child has any type of disability that may affect their learning.  The more we know about how each student’s brain works, the better we can create the best learning environment for them.


Working in very close proximity to many people puts the teacher’s health at risk in the case of students who are unwell and/or contagious. As a precaution, we reserve the right to refuse to teach a lesson to a student we deem too sick. Please ensure that the student is healthy and free of communicable diseases before coming to the lesson. This includes, but is not limited to: gastroenteritis, flu, cold, runny nose, fever, excessive coughing, conjunctivitis, pediculosis, chicken pox, measles. Depending on the illness, we also ask that you keep your child home if a family member that they live with is sick.  There are 4 free lessons built into tuition each year to cover lessons missed due to illness.

Media Release:

By checking the “yes” box on the registration form, you are agreeing that we may take photos and/or videos of your child to use in promotional materials.  This includes, but is not limited to, posting on our studio Facebook page and running ads on these posts.  Let us know if you have any questions, or if you would like to add or remove this permission for your student.

Security Cameras:

There may be security cameras in use at the studio.  By registering for and participating in lessons, you acknowledge and accept that these lessons may be recorded.


In the unlikely event that your account becomes past due and is referred to an outside collection agency or attorney, you will be responsible for the collection costs at the rate of 40% of the balance due.

By registering for and participating in lessons, you confirm that you have read and understand the above Studio Policies, and agree to abide by the guidelines and policies listed.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child is very smart for his/her age.  Can we start lessons younger than you normally accept?

Sorry, no exceptions.  If you contact us, we can recommend a music class for young children that another studio offers.

We have plans next week.  Can we come at a different time?

No, your tuition reserves your exact lesson time for the pre-paid period.  If you would like to book additional lessons, you may do so as described above under “Additional Lessons.”

I don’t want to use PayPal.  What are my other options?

Most parents prefer PayPal, but you may pay by cash or check.  Just make sure you pay before the due date, or there will be a late fee.  There is no guarantee that the studio will be open on any given day for you to drop off payment, so if you intend to pay this way please bring the cash or check to one of your child’s lessons prior to the due date.

How large are your group lessons?

Currently, group lessons are capped at 3 students.  This may change in the future.

I have an odd schedule and can’t attend lessons every week.  Can we do every other week or schedule lessons here and there?

Yes, see the section entitled “Additional Lessons.”  Lessons cost more when done this way, and another student may book your time slot.